Gunmaster tool box cleaning TBM797-2

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The Dac Gunmaster 42 – Piece Deluxe Universal Cleaning Kit in wooden case is a great way to keep your fireams clean and in top shape. This kit was put together with the idea it would be a great kit for those who own a few different firearms. The Dac Gunmaster 42 – Piece Deluxe Universal Cleaning Kit contains the essentials to clean .177 – .30 and bigger rifles, .22-.45 caliber pistols and .41-12 guage shotguns. All of this is packaged in an attractive wooden box with an accented latch or keep it closed when not in use as well as a custom molded flocked tray inside the box to keep each item in its proper location.

The Gunmaster 42 Piece Deluxe Universal Cleaning kit Features: one universal handle, two sets of rods, one for small bore rifles/pistols and one set of rods for .30 cal. and larger bore firearms, 10 wire brushes (.17cal. – 12 gauge) and 6 mops (.17 cal. -12 gauge), 12 spear pointed jags, 2 slotted patch holders, adaptors for the brushes and accessories, and 25 patches. All of this is contained in a real wooden box with custom fitted flocked tray.

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